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All your social media, web page, newsletter and store content ready-made for you monthly by a team of content creation professionals

Get a new set every month:

  • – social media posts with templates, captions and hashtags
  • – stories templates
  • – articles
  • – e-book
  • – email templates
  • – videos, carousels, puzzle and more
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Who can benefit?

To anyone helping other people live healthier and happier lives.

Examples: health coaches, personal trainers, supplement businesses, healthcare workers, nutrition consultants. 


Save tens of hours and hundreds of dollars instead of trying to do everything yourself


Turn your brands content marketing into automatic traffic and improved sales

High Quality Content

There is an experienced team of content creation, social media and marketing professionals creating content for you monthly. Rest assured - there won't be any duplicate content.


Let our team of professionals create the conversion-focused content so you can focus on what you want
(for example what to do with all your new leads)

Use As Your Own

You are free to use the content however you like. Edit, brand, modify, share, sell, use in your memberships or other products. It’s yours to do as you will.

Get Noticed, Get Paid

Professional engaging content is the key to gaining new followers and converting them into lifetime customers. Content has always been and will always be king. Long live the king!

what's included monthly

20 Social media templates

Infographics and posts with accompanying 50-200 word captions and post-specific hashtag sets.

IMPORTANT: We now have 2x version of all templates: Canva Free and Canva Premium, so both will get the best option for your version.

5 Articles

10 quality articles about different subjects for you to use in your blog, social media, newsletters, memberships, e-books etc. Edit, rewrite, brand as you like!

15 Instagram stories templates

Interactive stories templates to engage your followers and customers and maximize your exposure

Email templates

Each month you’ll get prewritten email templates or one email series to use to gather leads, nurture them and provide valuable information or convert them to paying customers.

Just fill in the blanks.


2000-3000 word e-book to sell, use as a lead magnet or share with your followers

2 Short videos for social media engagement

10-90 sec videos to separate your brand from others and boost visibility in social media

The Best Investment You Will Ever Make

Get $1275 worth of Content for just $29

Let's Sum Up What You'll Get For A Mere $29 Per Month:

Wait, there's more !!

  • – 60% discount
    – Psychology of lifestyle/habits infographic pack​​
    – Blueprint: Automated Customer Journeys​
    – 50 Motivational messages​

Signup Bonuses

plr content

60% discount on all content on the store ​

Psychology of lifestyle/habits infographic pack​

Blueprint: Automated Customer Journeys

50 Motivational messages


Per month


Precisely – you can either post this content as your own or if you want, you can tell that it’s done with collaboration with Virality Content agency.
All your monthly content will be uploaded to your account every month. Also the content calendar app automatically generates posts for each month.
  1. We only have a small number of subscribers and the content they get is made anew every month. This content isn’t sold anywehere else or accessible to anyone else. Compare this to big PLR sites that sell the same content packs tens of thousands of times for years..
  2. You’ll have a possibility to change, brand, edit the content as much as you like. You can edit it to match your brand and be totally original.
  3. The most important thing = it doesn’t matter! Only thing that matter is that your followers and clients feel that you are producing value for them. It doesn’t matter if someone else somewhere else has something similar.