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For Who?

Anyone working in Natural, Holistic, Functional Health. Healers, Counsellors, Mentors, Health Coaches, Sports Massage Therapists, Holistic Aesthetic, Complementary and Alternative Therapists, Holistic Practitioners, Herbalists and Organic Growers, Natural Product Makers and Suppliers, and anyone helping out patients, clients, family and friends holistically.

If you don’t know how to create content or have no time to do so but would like professional posts and ready-made product to get ahead of the competition.

Those who want to work smarter not harder! – If you would like to get off the constant merry-go-round of work and stress and reclaim your time and (possibly your health.) This is for you.

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Hi Everyone, I’m Julie-Anne,

A people, animal and earth loving vegan with a passion for natural healing and helping people transform their lives. I love organic gardening growing my own fruit, veg and herbs, making natural health products, getting outside and connecting with nature, spending time with loved ones and laughing till my tummy hurts. I’m also a Natural Medicine Practitioner, Advanced Naturopathic (Triple Qualified) Nutritional therapist, Plant-Based Coach, Multi-Disciplined Complementary and Sports Massage Therapist, Meditation Teacher, Holistic Coach and Educator, and maybe ‘your new best friend’! I am also proudly, the Content Creator of Holistic Health Pro.

Struggling With Health

But, I have to be perfectly truthful with you. I haven’t always been on this plant-based, self-care, enlightened and spiritual journey. In my ‘other life’ (as I like to refer to it) I was a Professional International Popstar, Songwriter and occasional Actress, TV presenter and Model. I lived life very much in the fast lane running around the globe a gazillion miles an hour, from plane to hotel to stage, living from a suitcase, on little sleep and poor nutrition. Overworked and overstressed, personally and professionally. A path that ultimately led to the downfall of my health and happiness and a long journey back home. I was permanently running on empty and losing touch with my true self. Sound familiar?

Discovering The Game Changer

After healing myself, I set up my heart felt venture KindBodyPlanet to share my journey with others, to motivate and inspire them and help them heal too. It’s a dream come true for me and I feel blessed every day to do what I do.

However, as any Practitioner, Therapist or Coach knows, with that comes a great deal of work. Trying to see clients, keeping up with marketing, promotion, creating products, arranging launches and filling up social media, was really a juggling act. It was just so time consuming and yet so necessary to have all this content, and I would sit for the longest time getting it done – It was eating up precious time and my health was starting to struggle again, as I was so worn out afterwards. I certainly did not want to get unwell again. Does this remind you of yourself or someone you know?

It was clear I needed a support system. I searched online and when I discovered monthly subscriptions, where I could take high quality templates and graphics and make them entirely bespoke – I was over the moon, but almost couldn’t believe the sheer amount of professional content for such a nominal outlay! WHAT A GAMECHANGER!

It opened up the possibility to offer such an array of diverse products too, without spending a whole lot of time, that I could better be spending with clients, my loved ones and of course having a well-earned break of ‘me time’. After all, healers must take care of themselves too.

Since then I have addressed the time management so much, that I am even able to create content for this amazing online subscription, because I wanted to share my knowledge and help you out in the same way, and I know that you will also go on to help others with this content, so I feel very honoured to share it.

So if you are like me, have a heart that wants to help others, but you are in desperate need of more time to see your clients and loved ones, and you need to market and promote to help generate leads, keep your clients engaged and informed, fill up your social media calendar then THIS IS FOR YOU!

All you have to do is sign up and watch this fab content drop into your inbox month after month
And, We will see you on the inside

Love, blessings and good health,



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Let's Sum Up What You'll Get For A Mere $39 Per Month:

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Bonus: 3 free Social Media Packs
Bonus: 1x affirmation recording for self love
Bonus: 1x meditation to calm stormy thoughts

3 free Social Media Packs per subscription when joining

Working on your business is about building systems. Period. An entrepreneur is someone who finds the solutions to opportunities and problems and then builds systems to consistently deliver those solutions through other people or things.

-- Mike Michalowicz


Save tens of hours and hundreds of dollars instead of trying to do everything yourself


Turn your brand’s content marketing into automatic traffic and improved sales

High Quality Content

There is an experienced team of content creation, social media and marketing professionals creating this content for you monthly. No duplicate content.


Let our team of professionals create the conversion-focused content, you can focus on what you want (for example what to do with all that traffic)

Use As Your Own

You are free to use the content however you like. Edit, brand, modify, share, sell, use in your memberships or other products. It’s yours, do as you will.

Get Noticed, Get Paid

There’s nothing better to get new leads and followers and turning them into lifetime paying customers and fans than professional engaging content. Content has always been and will always be king. Long live the king!



What you will get

30 Social media templates

Infographics and posts with accompanying 50-200 word captions and post-specific hashtag sets. IMPORTANT: We now have 2x version of all templates: Canva Free and Canva Premium, so both will get the best option for themselves.
What you will get

10 Articles

10 quality articles about different subjects for you to use in your blog, social media, newsletters, memberships, e-books etc. Edit, rewrite, brand as you like!
What you will get

15 Instagram stories templates

Interactive stories templates to engage your followers and customers and maximize your exposure
What you will get


2000-3000 word e-book to sell, use as a lead magnet or share with your followers
What you will get


Make them laugh and go viral at the same time!
What you will get


There’s nothing better to get people engaged than daily and monthly challenges

What you will get

Quote cards

Use as a lead magnet or share with your followers

What you will get


5 short videos to boost social media engagement

1-time bonus: 2x meditation audio files



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more than 250,000 hours of work time saved

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Prices displayed are for Standard license, meaning to be used for 1 business. For use on 2 businesses or more requires an Agency license. For pricing contact us.

This is a subscription service. You will be billed monthly until you choose to cancel your subscription. Read the terms on Legal pages.

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Precisely – you can either post this content as your own or if you want, you can tell that it’s done with collaboration with Virality Content agency.
All your monthly content will be uploaded to your account every month. Also the content calendar app automatically generates posts for each month.
  1. We only have a small number of subscribers and the content they get is made anew every month. This content isn’t sold anywehere else or accessible to anyone else. Compare this to big PLR sites that sell the same content packs tens of thousands of times for years..
  2. You’ll have a possibility to change, brand, edit the content as much as you like. You can edit it to match your brand and be totally original.
  3. The most important thing = it doesn’t matter! Only thing that matter is that your followers and clients feel that you are producing value for them. It doesn’t matter if someone else somewhere else has something similar.
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